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Welcome to Active Magic Games, where we focus on one goal; bringing the highest caliber games to the gaming public.

Development studio for Hellenica: Story of Greece, Hellenica: Leaders & Legends, Built for War, and the upcoming Spring & Autumn: Story of China.

We are passionate. We are dedicated. We are relentless.
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Who We Are

Borne of a passion for great gaming

Active Magic Games is a board game design studio based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Founded in 2018 by Scott DeMers, a board game design veteran, and leveraging a wide community of designers, artists, and developers to bring the best board game designs to you.

Hellenica: Story of Greece

A ground-breaking 4x Civ Game set in Ancient Greece for 1-7 players

Set in the Aegean Basin at the dawn of the civilized world. The explosion of creativity and violence that defines our perspective of ancient Greece is about to occur. Worship the gods and invoke their assistance. Research advancements that further your people’s ambitions. March your troops or sail your fleets to capture your enemies’ cities.

Can you guide your civilization during these turbulent times? Will you be a footnote in history or something more? Will your vision of Hellenic civilization be remembered for all time or will you be a stepping-stone for another?


Hellenica: Story of Greece is available from Mr. B Games

Built for War

Design, Build, and Destroy WW2 Tanks

More than any other factor, World War II was decided by the decisive use of armor to win the battlefield. The innovations in design throughout the war were staggering. What if YOU controlled your country’s tank design process? What if YOU could determine the outcome of the war? Built for War puts you in charge of designing the main battle tank for one of the 4 major combatants in the war.

Built for War is designed from the ground up for both multiplayer and solo play!


Built for War is available from Mr. B Games

Hellenica: Leaders & Legends

The biggest expansion for Hellenica: Story of Greece yet!

As all of Greece quarreled, great leaders stepped forward to serve. These leaders brought their unique talents and skills to their cities. With them came new rumblings from the gods. Zeus and the other immortals intervened more often and new gods appeared. They sent legendary beasts and warriors to fight for their favorite sides.

Can you navigate this new world and harness the power of these Leaders & Legends to emerge on top?

Hellenica: Leaders & Legends features unique leaders & legendary mercenaries to fight for you and advanced AI to bring an even greater challenge to the game when playing solo or with AI players.

Hellenica: Leaders & Legends is available from Mr. B Games

Upcoming Projects

We are always actively working on the next great board game

There are several designs under development at Active Magic Games. These include the following:

  • Spring & Autumn: Story of China: A 4x game set immediately prior to the warring states period of ancient China where players vie to overthrow the Zhou emperor and unite China under their rule.
  • Scrap: A game set during a post-apocalyptic future where players must survive the onslaught of wasteland marauders while scavenging for food, fuel, broken vehicles, and the parts to repair them so they can make their escape.

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